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Stephen McCune Upholstery's showroom specialty is Hair-On Cow Hides, hand selected from dozens of supplier samples. We have Longhorn, Brendle, Black/White, Brown/White, Tri Color, Solid and Unique Hides. Stop by our showroom to see the finest hair-on hides and add a touch of Western elegance to your home.

Leather is a living, breathing product that lasts a lifetime with proper care. We feature large, soft, unblemished, unscarred leathers, and phenomenal selections including embossed, impressed, imprinted, ultra soft, and suede. It's simply the best collection of leathers in San Antonio, Austin, and Corpus Christi.

A Bit of Leather Education

A tannery gets three cuts off a hide of leather. The first cut is the top cut, called full-grain leather. It is unaltered, with a distinct appearance. It's like our skin in that it is soft yet tough. It has a natural grain with occasional scarring.

The second cut is the middle layer, called split hide. This layer is very hard – not so supple. It generally has to be sanded, then grain is printed on or embossed. Also, it's usually painted as opposed to being dyed all the way through, creating a simulated surface. We do NOT sell second cut leather.

The third cut is the bottom layer, used for making shoes, purses, and other leather goods. For more information and help with leather care, go to Garrett Leather.


One 54-inch fabric yard is equal to 18 square feet of leather. This equation takes into account the waste factor. The average hide size is 55-60 square feet, and the average half-hide is 27 square feet. Half hides are cut down the backbone, in the middle of the hide, from the neck to the tail. As a product of nature, leather hides have various shapes and sizes. Natural markings appear in the form of healed scars, bug bites and small cuts or holes. This requires the cutter to plan carefully when preparing a hide to receive the best cutting yield. Stephen McCune Upholstery is uses only the highest quality hides for durability and beauty.



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